In September 2011 LLC MDO "Arvand" had received a license to conduct operations on remittances. Arvand has become one of the first among MFIs in receiving this license. This is the most popular financial service.

About 80% of remittance recipients receive remittances from abroad through formal service operators. Labor migrants from Tajikistan working in Russia in 2011 increased their remittances back home to 2.96 billion dollars, this amount is 33.6 percent more than in 2010. The volume of remittances in the last year amounted to 45.4 per cent of GDP. The previous record was set in 2008, when migrant workers transferred to Tajikistan, 2.516 billion, or 49 percent of GDP.

Along with financial institutions engaged in money remittances in Sughd, there are 130 points of remittances.

At the moment, Arvand provides money remittances via "Sonia" systemcreated by "Eskhata Bank" whereby the customer can remit money inside Tajikistan for one second. And also, in this direction the organization works with money transfer systems, such as:







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