Reliable way of investment

Studies show that successful people are much more inclined to buy goods assets. For example, a person saved up 200,000 somoni. He can buy certain goods or services on him (to go on a trip, make repairs in the apartment, to spend money for the equipment, to update his wardrobe, to buy a car). This is called investing in liabilities. And you can put the same money on deposit or open a small business and satisfy your consumer desires with a profit. This is called investing in assets. Thus, it is much more productive to spend savings on what will bring additional profit in the future.

Deposits in LLC MDO "Arvand" open at a convenient time for you, depending on individual needs. The longer deposit term, the greater the interest on the deposit.

The deposits opened in LLC MDO "Arvand" are:

  •  The guarantee of their safety;
  •  Favorable interest rates;
  •  Attractive conditions for the preservation and enhancement of your savings.



Microcredit Deposit-Taking Organization

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Republic of Tajikistan

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