PR campaign in 2011

A lot of work on the branding of the organization has been done.

PR campaigns have been conducted in regions  where Arvand has its branches, i.e. J.Rasulov, Isfara, Dushanbe, Khujand and Istaravshan. For the population of these regions free concerts featuring popular musical groups and singers of Sughd region and Tajikistan were organized.

This is a great team work, which was not only aimed at raising awareness organization, but it introduced and brought us together.

The process of preparation and holding of actions made us realize that we are a really strong and powerful team that corresponds to the name of our organization. The staff in each region under the supervision of their respective managers adequately performed assigned to them tasks.

If to recall each campaign separately, the hallmark of teamwork in J. Rasulov and Istaravshan was their excellent organization of the process on the part of employees, their collective responsibility and solidarity, on the part of Isfara, Khujand and Dushanbe their original ideas born in the course of actions, teamwork and clear distribution of tasks by managers.

It should be noted separately the openness of the inhabitants of these regions and their ability to have fun. And young and old, all with great pleasure danced and clapped the whole concert. In addition the representatives of local authorities, customers of Arvand, representatives of sports clubs, children's homes were invited to the campaign. All were given branded gifts on behalf of Arvand.

This PR campaign has attracted more than 18,000 people and it was held on the eve of 20th  Anniversary of the Independence Day of Tajikistan. The action was a memorable event for both urban and rural areas of  Tajikistan.


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