The action from "Unistream Arvand"

Starting form July 8th, 2013 LLC MDO "Arvand" has announced action! Customers who receive money by "UNIstream" can get a better brand product.  What is better: to get remittances or to get remittances and in addition to that get a present? The choice is yours! Please contact the offices of Arvand.

Call centre: 92 795 00 01

For the references: The system of "Unistream" has come to the market before the bank “Unistream” was established in Russia. This happened in 2001, when there was opened a new department in "Uniastrum Bank» and with it - a new and even innovative system of money transfer has started. “Unistream” system has been developed with the rapid growth of migration flows and economic growth in general. The demand was huge; the number of customers rapidly grew. Customers were offered the lowest rates. The level of service was not inferior in quality to more expensive players of market .In 2005-2006, UNISTREAM system achieved considerable success and was converted from the department as part of "Uniastrum Bank" into a separate business - JSC CB "UNISTREAM." This step was another important reason: investors had an opportunity to invest in such a dynamic part of the economy as remittances. But the top priority of the system “UNIstream” is the customer and his needs. So it was, it is and it always will be like that!


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