The formula for success

Success comes when you do what you love,

and strive to be the best in your field.

Brian Tracy



Everyone wants to be successful in whatever field we might toiled. Faced with successful person, many people ask the question "What is the secret of your success?". And everyone expects to receive some magic formula that will allow becoming successful person. But oddly enough, this formula is simple as everything that is genius. As many successful people say:

"... Nothing happens by chance; success - it is the result of constant correct execution of right action. "

Our readers have probably guessed, in this article we will talk about the success of successful people in the next site-visit organized by our staff within the social project "Economic advancement of women from poor and vulnerable families", implemented by the NGO "Nasli Nav" with the financial support of MDO "Arvand", which was held on October 22, 2014 and the project participants visited the trendy beauty salon "Burda-service", located in the city center, close to the “Driver Center”.

We remind our readers that the purpose of organization site-visits is not only a demonstration of successful business and communication with successful people but also participants are given the opportunity become familiar with business experience and get an advice from entrepreneurs.

Our participants of the project were met very hospitably in a beauty salon “Burda-service”  owners of the salon - Dilovarkhon Abdullozoda and Nargiskhon Mirzobakhodurova.

 Looking at  the modern design and an interior of beauty salon it is possible to say with confidence about refined taste of owners and their aspiration "to keep pace" with the newest tendencies of style and beauty, offering all range of services for lovely ladies. Dilovarkhon willingly told how they by own efforts opened the business 14 years ago and gradually expanded business under the known brand "Burda".

It is possible to see the most modern equipment, pleasant atmosphere and polite attitude towards clients, highly qualified specialists from among hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, the specialist in manicure and pedicure, the cosmetician who offers high-quality services in  the salon.

Participants of the project have learned a lot of interesting aspects from Parviza - the master of hairstyle and haircut who has chosen this profession after graduation of Higher Education University. As Parviza shared, the University she graduated with honors, but chose a profession of the hairdresser and does not regret about the chosen profession as she since the childhood loves creative activity in everything. She shared subtleties of the work and gave pieces of good advice on a hairstyle, hair dressing to our participants. To the question of participants about what person needs to do in order to increase number customers, she noted the following:

"We must always work on a quality. If the client is satisfied with your work, she will recommend you to all her friends. "

Hereinafter girls have visited the room of beautician and got information about services of beautician room.

Girls also have visited the room of manicure and pedicure and listened with interest to the recommendation of Dilafruz - master of nail care and hands and also learned the latest trends in the design of nails. Dilafruz also has showed a master class in design of nails of several participants thus causing a lot of admiration.

At the end of the site-visit Dilovarkhon Abdullozade advised participants if they really want to start their own business and become successful in life, then they should be able to take risks and do not be afraid of difficulties. As they say: "Anyone who does take a risk, gains nothing!"

It was obvious from the mood of our participants that they liked very much the site-visit to a beauty salon "Burda-service", it left a lot of positive emotions, and they have got useful advice and recommendations. In turn, we are sincerely grateful to the owner of the salon Dilovarkhon Abdulozoda and Nargiskhon Mirzobahodurovа - for the warm welcome, good conversation and sincerely wish them further prosperity!

Information was provided by Social Performance Management Specialist - Mirpochoeva N.


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