PR Activities of Arvand in Isfara

Isfara branch of MDO Arvand has started to conduct PR activities this year. Thus, in the Culture Hall of Isfara there were held 2 concert sessions under the title "Davomi roh" and 2 famous singers -Noziya  and Muhammarafii Karomatullo performed at the concert. MDO Arvand sponsored this concert, designed the tickets and invitations, set decorations, banners and billboards. All the audience at the concert was given branded products of MDO Arvand.

There was also organized a 20 minute-quiz for the concert audience. The quiz consisted of several questions related to the activities of Arvand. It is worth mentioning that the number of the people who desired to answer the questions was much, but only the very first person who appeared on the scene was given the opportunity to answer the question.

Those who correctly answered questions were given mobile phones as a gift. Residents of the villages of Chorkishlok and Chilgazi and a small village Gumbaz became new phone holders. This means that people living in remote areas are aware of MDO Arvand and its activities. The PR action in Isfara was yet another push to raise awareness of the 900 people about the organization.


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