There are a lot of people in Tajikistan who need an assist and support. Often successful organizations within their charity and sponsorship framework try to help and support them. LLC MDO “Arvand” is one of such kind of organization which very often supports sport sector: judo, fight, tae kwon do, canoeing, arm wrestling, volleyball and basketball. And also helps to the orphans, large families and single mothers, veterans of the II world war, invalids and sick children.

Beginning from January 2011 “Arvand” has supported:
LLC MDO “Arvand” rendered a visa support to Akmal Kadyrov – a prize winner of world championship of the world on arm wrestling in 2007.  From the 1st to 15th of December 2010 in Las Vegas US there was a world championship on arm wrestling where Akmal Kadyrov took part and entered into the list of 10 world champions. Akmal Kadyrov represented Tajikistan in this championship and brought a silver and bronze medals into the native land.

A written proposal of the community counsil named after Sodirhon Hofiz of Khujand to provide material support to single women with many children of the community. Six families of the Mahalla received individual support: food packages. Deputy Chairman of the Committee Urunova Z. I., as well as chairman of the committee Yahyoev A. thank the "Arvand" management for the rendered  support to Mahalla. Arvand supported disabled, single women citizens of J. Rasulov district Kurbonova Hadicha and Mardova Sailon. For the above-mentioned persons food packages were provided by LLC MDO “Arvand” consisting of:

  • Flour - 25 kg
  • Oil - 10 kg
  • Rice - 10 kg
  • Sugar - 10 kg
  • Pasta - 10 kg.

Central Stadium "Zarbdor" of Isfara. The stadium was renovated for the needs of the festive events dedicated to the Navruz on a high level. "Arvand" paid for the part of repairs of the stadium.

Also, the central stadium of the Istaravshan needed the design, "Arvand" supported in this direction and provided banners with the slogan: "Homeland, Tajikistan, Independence ". Disable Female staff of Regional Public Library named after Toshhodzha Asiri, Khujand, providing them a material support to celebrate Navruz.

LLC MDO "Arvand" congratulated all the employees of the Library with the holiday and wished them health and prosperity. Participants of World War II. Everlasting memory of the victims and veterans who struggled for freedom and peace in the Great Patriotic War lives in the hearts of people. Each person must appreciate and remember the merits of war veterans who have passed through the heavy fighting in the name of peace, freedom and a brighter future.

Fortunately, today you can find a lot of patrons who actually possess qualities such as kindness and human understanding. LLC Microcredit deposit organization "Arvand" within the social orientation seeks to provide moral and material support to vulnerable people, single mothers and orphans, large families, soldiers-internationalists and invalids and participants of WWII.  Arvand staff express their sincere gratitude and respect to participants of the Great Patriotic War and congratulate on the occasion of the Great Victory. In honor of the holiday Navruz WWII participants were provided with food packages and essentials. During the visit we found out that participants of the Second World War Saidov Ahrullo and Soliev Abdurashid undergo medical procedures in hospitals, we failed to see them and hand them their own packages so our congratulations were passed through their relatives.

We managed to catch only Saidmurodov Ashurmurod. After learning about the purpose of the members Arvand visit, 88-year-old Ashurmurod expressed his gratitude and wished prosperity of our organization. In their turn, handing out gifts, the staff of the organization have expressed kind words of appreciation and respect to the seniors and wished them health and long life.

One of the founders of the LLC MDO "Arvand" MLF "MicroInvest" in honor of the holidays of the International Children's Day has supported the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan, which, in turn, as part of humanitarian aid to orphans sent a letter to "MicroInvest."

In response to a letter from management MLF "MicroInvest" given to needy children new clothes and shoes.


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