Arvand chronology

February 2002 Establishment the representative office of ACDI/VOCA in Khujand city
March 2002 The first disbursement to five solidarity groups
January 2003 Establishment and registration of NGO Micro-entrepreneurs Support Development Center (MDTM)
March 2003 Formation of board guardians
August 2003 Loan disbursement to the thousandth client
June 2004 Received a grant from Novib for modification of equipment and geographical expansion
September 2004 Received the first loan from LLC “Frontiers”, Kyrgyzstan
October 2004 Implementation of loan product for livestock
March 2005 Creation of Microloan Fund «MicroInvest»,  non-commercial, nonbank, financial institution
April 2005 Implementation of automatic and parallel loans
May 2005 Implementation of loans for agricultural activity product
July 2005 The audit company “Finconsult” conducted an external audit for 3 years of activity
September 2005 Registration of the branches in Isfara and Istaravshan
December 2005 Implementation of individual lending.
February 2006 MicroInvest reached 1,000,000 million US dollars of active portfolio
May 2006 Loan agreement with EBRD is signed
September 2006 Have opened an office in Dushanbe
December 2006 MicroInvest reached 2,000,000 million US dollars of active portfolio
February 2007 For the first time had passed a rating and got “BBB” from “Microfinanza rating”, Italy
April 2007 The first loan from “Symbiotics”
May 2007 The first loan from “Blue Orchard” company
May 2007 MicroInvest reached 3,000,000 million US dollars of active portfolio  and more than 800 clients
July 2007 MicroInvest opened two new sub –offices
December 2007 Reaching of 5,000,000 million US dollars in active portfolio and 10,435 of active clients
February 2008 Creation of the first internal informational paper “Aist”
March 2008 MLF “MicroInvest” takes the second place with the indicators 24,85% among all MFO of Tajikistan
June 2008 Receiving of the first subordinated loan from “Incofin” , Belgium
August 2008 Participation of the employees in an indoor football game among MFO and banks of Sugd region
September 2008 Had developed a brand book for our organization
October-2008 Receiving the license within the transformation in to the LLC MDO «Arvand»
July 2009 Receiving the license for performing of the microcredit and deposit services
July 2009 Had opened the first deposit account to the “Venice” group
January 2010 The first client of microleasing
January-February 2010 Input of organization and employees to the hydropower station Rogun construction
February 2010 Receiving the loan from EBRD in amount of 1,000,000 million US dollars
April 2010 MDO “Arvand” took the first place in the competition “Success story” of IFC
July 2010 Implementation of 3 new deposit products: “Arusi”, “Rohnamo”, “Volidain”
August 2010 Had conducted the first stage of training on increasing financial education for the population.
August 2010 Had conducted the first stage of open doors day dedicated to the promotion of deposits products
August 2010 Opening the Client Services centers in the “Somon” market and Jamoat Nofaroj of Istaravshan region
August 2010-May 2011 Opening 19  Client Services centers
March 2011 Active portfolio – 10,000,000 US dollars
April 2011 J.Rasulov Sub-office is reregistered into a branch
May 2011 The number of clients increased to 15,000
May 2011 Receiving the license for banking operations in foreign currency
June 2011 Charity action “Give a joy”. Holiday for children – patients of cancer centre of Sugd region and assistance to the centre itself
July 2011 Strategic meeting of the management 2012-2014
July – September 2011 Conduction of PR actions on branches of LLC MDO “Arvand”
August 2011 Participation in agricultural fair in Isfara. Organized by АСТED
September 2011 Conduction of PR actions on branches of LLC MDO “Arvand”
October 2011 Strategic planning for 2012
October 2011 Conclusion a contract with KIVA
October 2011 Beginning of the “Start business” project with GIZ
November 2011 Partnership with LLC “Tezpur” and LLC MDO “Financial group Babilon”


Microcredit Deposit-Taking Organization

1a, Lenin Str., Khujand,
Republic of Tajikistan

+992 (92) 795-00-01