Deposit «Arusi»

Deposit «Arusi»

Which of us does not think about the accumulation of money for their children to ensure their decent family future? It is known that the beginning of family life - a crucial period. And the financial well-being plays an important role.

Purpose: The deposit is intended for individuals, who are willing to save their incomes from small amounts with the possibility of replenishment.

Terms: Replenishment of deposit is possible except the last 6 months. In case of early withdrawal of deposits from the deposit account, depositor receives the accrued interest at the rate of 3% per annum.


Currency Minimum deposit amount Term % Per annum Payout%
Local currency TJS 60 12 months 14% upon expiration of the contract
24 months 15%
Dollars USD 10 12 months 3% upon expiration of the contract
24 months 5%


Updated: 04.11.2020

Deposit “Arusi” – the future family happiness of your children!