Lending under the «Aral Sea» project

Lending under the «Aral Sea» project

Permissible activities for lending under the Project:

a) Improving the productivity of field and horticultural crops through diversifying crops that are resistant to the effects of climate seeds / seedling diversity and measures to support seed systems using new and appropriate technologies:

- Organization of low cost greenhouses

- Production of fodder seeds (and leguminous and herbal)

- Private nurseries

- Vineyards and orchards

- Improved crop production systems, such as crop diversification

- Improved crop and tree species (forest land)

- Improved seed varieties (for example, more resistant to drought, pests, diseases, and salinity).

b) Water resources management on a farm and measures for increase in efficiency:

- Drip irrigation and irrigation through plastic pipes

- Alignment of land

- Planting protective stripes

- Irrigation schedule

- Alternative furrow irrigation

- Rehabilitation and improvement of drainage.

c) Control of land degradation through agroforestry and pasture management measures:

- Infrastructure for accessing and using remote pastures

- Small-sized equipment for the production and harvesting of feed crops

- Rehabilitation measures for degraded sites.

d) Control of pests and diseases

- Biological control measures

- Integrated pest management (using only biopesticides).

e) Saving agriculture

f) Production of agricultural products

g) Increase energy efficiency (eg insulation, lighting, water pumps, etc.)

h) Distribution of renewable energy sources, especially in remote rural areas.

Loan concept Providing loans to residents of rural regions for the cultivation, production, processing and storage of crops, the cultivation of vineyards and orchards and to meet other agricultural needs, as well as the production of agricultural products.
  • The possibility of obtaining funds in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan
  • TJS loan currency
  • The possibility of obtaining a grace period
  • The possibility of early repayment without penalties and interest payments only for actually used days
  • Individual approach to the customer
  • Stimulation when re-lending and having a positive loan history

up to 500 000 TJS for legal entities;
up to 250 000 TJS for individuals,

Loan term Up to 3 year.
Interest rate (per annum)

From 28%.

Commission fee  0%.
Collateral flexible approach to collateral.
Requirements to borrowers Citizen of RT, age- from 18 up to 65 years old, with regular income.
  • Copy of passport;
  • Copy of Tax ID;
  • Information on income / patent for entrepreneurial activity (if any);
  • 1 Photo – size 3х4;
  • Passport copy of husband/wife;
  • Copy of passport, Tax ID and income statement (for guarantor)
Period of application review from 3 up to 5 days**


Updated: 09.11.2020

* Since the moment of provision of necessary documents

* Loan Calculation is made by annuity (equal) payments