Express loan

 Loan concept Individual loans for persons who need urgent liquid funds for business activities, as well as for consumer needs.
Advantages • Possibility to receive funds in a short period of time (from 1 to 24 hours)
• minimum documentation
• Possibility of early repayment without penalties and interest payment only for actual used days  
Loan amount Up to 50 000 TJS
Up to 10 000 USD  
Loan term • for entrepreneurial activity - up to 6 months
  • for consumer purpose - up to 12 months
Interest rate (per annum) from 28% to 34% TJS; from 19% to 22%;
Commission fee  0%
Collateral Jewelry from gold (pledge)
Requirements to borrowers Citizen of RT, age- from 18 up to 65 years old, with regular income
Documentation ·         copy of passport;
·         copy of Tax ID;
·         income statement /patent on entrepreneurial activity (if available);
·         1 Photo – size 3х4;
·         passport copy of husband/wife;
Period of application review From 1 hour up to 1 business day**

       * Since the moment of provision of necessary documents

       * Loan Calculation is made by annuity (equal) payments


Microcredit Deposit-Taking Organization

1a, Lenin Str., Khujand,
Republic of Tajikistan

+992 (92) 795-00-01