Fayozov Tolib Vakhkhobovich

Khujand Polytechnic Institute of the Technical University of Tajikistan
Faculty - Economics and Management,
Specialty - World Economy
Fayozov Tolib Vakhkhobovich began his career in 2000 in the field of economics.
In August of that year he was appointed head of the planning and economic department in Paradise Society (RaPo) of Isfara.
In September 2003, he was appointed Chief Accountant of the Wholesale and retail base of Isfara Raipo.
Since April 2010 He began his career at Arvand Bank CJSC as a deposit specialist at the Isfara branch.
In November of the same year, he began working as a Risk Specialist in the Isfara branch of Arvand Bank CJSC.
Today Fayozov Tolib Vakhkhobovich is the acting director of the branch of Bank Arvand CJSC in Isfara. He took courses on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): “Financial Accounting”,
“Management Accounting” and “Taxes and Law” from PRAGMA Corporation.
After passing the exams received the Certificate “CAP” (certified accountant practice) from PRAGMA corp.


Microcredit Deposit-Taking Organization

1a, Lenin Str., Khujand,
Republic of Tajikistan

+992 (92) 795-00-01