Arvand's philosophy

CJSC Bank "Arvand"  identifies  the  following areas of  socio-economic activities,  listed  in order of priority:
Entrepreneurs - CJSC Bank "Arvand" through its activities creates access to financial services required to invest  in  their business development.

Support for rural areas population- in Tajikistan agriculture among all kinds of activities is the most widely spread and at the same time is the weakest link in the economy. The original cause of it is a subsidized system of support to the agricultural sector which used to be in the country during the Soviet times, and which was destroyed during the  collapse of  the Soviet Union. Rolling back  in  regression wheel  far back,  the only  things left  of  value  in  the  agricultural  sector  are  the  specialists,  their  knowledge, experience  and  skills.

Participants of  this particular  sector of  the economy make up a  large proportion of  the population below  the poverty  line and  this  trend  is 60% of  the entire economic  sector of  the  country.

Women and children - an important point is the issue of increasing social significance of women in Tajik society. Here and the need to support single mothers - the heads of families, and those whose husbands had been  in  labor migration  for a  long  time,  those who are  forced  to employ  their children as an additional source of income in order to reduce the cost of the products or services offered by them and the women whose  incomes are much  less  than  the  subsistence minimum.

Interaction of microfinance  institutions with  these directions allows  firstly  to  form  the background of social impacts within individual isolated communities by improving the status of rural residents and women. Secondly, the active participation of microfinance institutions in the immediate development of small and medium-sized enterprises both  in urban and rural areas with the  introduction of experience and best practices of foreign countries in cooperation with international organizations will create a foundation of environmental protection and conservation of the environment, as a guarantee of public health in the present and  future.


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