Clients of MDO “Arvand” participated in “Woman Entrepreneurship Day” in Dushanbe

Women play an important role in the development of economy of the Republic of Tajikistan. While men are seeking revenues for solving more important financial aims of the family, women are engaged in providing and satisfaction of a daily small needs. Nearly 40-50% of women run their own business or engaged in entrepreneurship in different sectors, nearly 12% of small and middle enterprises headed by women.

On October 8th, 2015 in the hotel “Hayatt Regency” in Dushanbe city in the framework of Global Entrepreneurship Week was held “Woman Entrepreneurship Day” with participation of representatives of the government, partners of EBRD on development, women-entrepreneurs, business-associations and non-governmental organizations. LLC MDO “Arvand” in the event was represented by Operations Director, Yakubova Gulnora and women- entrepreneurs, clients of organization.

The purpose of meeting was promotion of women entrepreneurship by the way of spreading positive image of woman- entrepreneurs and assistance in overcoming of negative stereotypes about women entrepreneurship.

The program of event consisted of discussions on theme “ History of success” around table, during which was discussed the ways of overcoming difficulties, award ceremony of the letters of thanks to the representatives of private sector & business associations for significant contributions to the development of economy and creating  jobs in the Republic of Tajikistan. It is gratifying, that among these women are clients of LLC MDO “Arvand” an entrepreneur Mansurova Hojaloy from J.Rasulov district, who is engaged in dehkan farming and Majidova Parvina from Isfara, who opened her own pastry shop.


During the event there were held master-classes and meetings with rural women that has become a good platform for finding partners and exchange of experience.

In the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week the national Association of Small and Medium Businesses with the support of EBRD issued a guide for businesses entitled: "Entrepreneur", which was circulated among the participants.


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