Mission & Vision


Provision of appropriate financial services of high quality to entrepreneurs with the purpose of stimulating the economic and social growth of Tajikistan.

The Vision of the Bank

Leading dynamic sustainable microfinance bank embracing innovations.

The founders of the organization

MLF "MicroInvest"

To date, MLF "MicroInvest" is expanding its activities to provide non-financial services, namely providing training and seminars. One of the directions of the educational component is to provide training on financial education for the poor and the customers of the organization. Currently, the MLF "MicroInvest" implements two educational projects: "Promotion of deposit services" and "The requirements of environmental legislation at using water, land and forests to farmer households".  


Microcredit Company "FRONTIERS"

Microcredit Company "FRONTIERS" was established in July 2003, by an American NGO ACDI / VOCA, dealing with issues of socio-economic assistance in developing countries. The purpose of the company was to allow the acute needs of the Central Asian market as a full-blown wholesale lender, and therefore its purpose is the support and development of the microfinance institutions operating in the Central Asian countries and serving hundreds of thousands of poor and for the people with limited access to financial resources.


Investment Company "Triodos Fair Share Fund" (Netherlands)

For retail investors in the Netherlands, launched in 2002. Provides debts and capital for MFIs and banks, and plays a role of catalyst in the development of Microfinance sector up to its becoming a full, integral part of the financial sector in developing countries.

Investment Company "Triodos Microfinance Fund" (Netherlands)

(Semi-) institutional investment fund established in 2009. The fund has a similar goal and provides the investors with the opportunity to promote the financial sector in developing countries involved.

Funds are managed by Triodos Investment Management and are two out of 20 funds in the company structure aimed at supporting sustainable development in emerging markets.

Investment Company "Rural Impulse Fund II" (Belgium)

Incofin Investment Management enters into the capital of LLC MDO Arvand through Rural Impulse Fund II (Belgium) - a fund established in 2010, which contributes to improve the welfare of rural population through investments in MFIs with a strong presence in rural remote areas.


Microcredit Deposit-Taking Organization

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Republic of Tajikistan

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