The season of "White Gold" came

Hot summer is over, and golden autumn has arrived. The sun shines, but it does not warm, the leaves begin to turn yellow, and birds fly to warmer countries. Autumn is a great time of year and is not worse than the summer. After all, every season has its advantages.

Autumn is the season of harvest and beautiful defoliation, and it is the season of cotton harvest I in our country.

Men and women of different ages, staff of education, health, communication and other areas, they all went to the fields to collect "white gold" of the country.

Employees of microfinance institutions also joined cotton picking campaign. Employees of MDO Arvand have contributed in cotton picking, since cotton is one of the most important crops in Tajikistan.

According to the staff it was a volunteer working vacation, and it helped them to have a rest from the noise of the city, to enjoy fresh air and engage in physical work, which is beneficial to health.

For example, employees from Khujand branch Ahadjonov Ravshan, Khakimov Ilhom and Asimov Abdullojon for a week, regardless of the conditions, had worked hard in the fields of Zafarabad region and collected 560 kg of «white gold».

Also, in one weekend, they were joined by 20 other employees of the branch headed by the director of Khujand branch . On that day, the result of the cotton picking campaign was 604 kg, or on average of 30 kg per person, which is the fulfillment of the one-day rate of cotton picking.

After half a day of work the guys gathered together to eat a delicious pilaf and a chat over a cup of tea. For pilaf lunch were also invited other cotton collectors, who worked at the time in the field with Arvand employees.

"Thanks to similar activities new employees get closer to the team of organization. It becomes easier for them to go through a period of adaptation, perhaps someone will even be able to find a friend who will support each other throughout the period of activity and become a mentor to him/her in the course of work " - said Khurshed Abdullayev , director of Khujand branch .


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