"Arvand" team is our pride!

From September 3 to 27 of this year, the annual Football Championship among credit organizations of the Sughd region devoted to the Independence Day of the Republic of Tajikistan, it was held at the stadium of Training Center of the National Bank in Guliston.

In the framework of this championship MDO "Arvand" team in the group stage of the tournament won convincing victories over the teams of 5 credit organizations. Thus, Arvand team won 5 matches out of 5, having shown 100% result, confidently took the 1st place in their group.

In the match for the third place Arvand met with the hosts of the tournament the reigning champion and the multiple winner of this championship - RAKHSH team of the Regional Branch of the National Bank in Khujand.

The game was spectacular and ended in a draw 0: 0. In the post-match penalty shootout showed their skills goalkeeper "Arvand" Shukhrat Sobirov having blocked 2 penalties!!! Thus, Arvand as well as in the previous year took the third place having become the owner of bronze medals and the only of all microfinance organizations which entered into the top three!

Sherzod Berdikulov is an employee of the Istaravshan branch having scored 11 goals became the top scorer of the tournament and won a valuable prize.

All the fans of this championship recognized the game of Arvand team as the most beautiful and spectacular. Fans of Arvand team were honored by the Organizing Committee of the championship a special award: “Together with team” - as the best fans of the Championship desperately supporting their team in all games without any exception.

We are proud of our employees who played without feeling sorry for ourselves on the football field and shown worthy result!

We hope and believe that next year our team in this tournament will win and become the Champion.

Arvand - forward!


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