The more awards in the framework of the project "Climadapt"

  On February 2, 2018, a regular ceremony was held within the framework of the Climadapt project. For the 4th quarter of 2017 three loan officers of LLC MDO Arvand were awarded with the following nominations:

  First nomination: "Loan portfolio of CLIMADAPT". The winner of this nomination was Loan officer of the branch in Khujand - Zokirov F, who issued the largest number of loans within the framework of the CLIMADAPT project.

  The second nomination: "Innovative technologies". The best in it was recognized Loan officer of the branch in Penjikent - Eshonkulov Z.

  The third nomination is "Gender equality". The loan officer of the branch in J.Rasulov won in this nomination.

Isoboev A, who gave the most loans to women.

   The representatives of the Climadapt project congratulated the nominees with the best achievements, having handed over certificates and valuable prizes.

They noted the significant contribution of LLC MDO "Arvand" to the successful implementation of the Climadapt project.

 Realization of all these projects allows to really saving natural resources for future generations and shows that climate change is an actual problem for each of us.


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