The project is implemented with assistance of Executive bodies of the government of Spitamen and J. Rasulov regions and also the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Khujand

Conception of the youth TV PR-project "Komyobi!"

1. Brief bases of the relevance of the project:

Despite the advent of the Internet, television still plays a major role in the upbringing of children and youth. Today, every sober-minded person understands that the television forms public opinion of adults, and also forms the souls of children. The main task of the new youth television PR-project "Komyobi!" - to create the TV-product unique in its own way directed to training, development and moral education of the younger generation.

2. Purpose of the project:

The aim of this project is the preparation, assessment and development of senior high school students in preparation for entrance to Higher educational institutions by identification the level of intellectual abilities.

3. Project tasks:

* Formation of informative interest at senior pupils to the various spheres of activity;

* Providing the conditions for self-realization of intellectual and creative abilities of senior high school students;

* Improving scientific and theoretical knowledge of senior high school students. 4. Image of the end result:

Participants - high school pupils:

* Upbringing of the identity of the senior high school students as citizen of society;

* Formation of creative self-developing personality;

* Education of ethical, moral qualities of the senior high school students;

* Expansion of the general outlook of the senior high school students;

* Development of intellectual, communicative abilities of the individual;

* Formation of the active position of the senior high school students, capable to decision-making in situations of moral choice and take responsibility for those decisions.

LLC MDO "Arvand":

* Attraction of 40 schools with the participation of 120 senior high school students;

* Promotion of the image of the transparent microfinancial organization;

* Confirmation and demonstration of its social mission;

* Promotion of improvement of financial literacy J. Rasulov and Spitamen regions;

* Promotion of the formation of knowledge among participants of the project - senior high school students.