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One of the successful achievements of MDO "Arvand" in recent years are training sessions on financial literacy, and it is gratifying to note that the number of training participants is increasing year by year in rural areas. Training sessions on Financial Literacy demonstrate the contribution of MDO "Arvand" in improving financial literacy among the population, but also show social responsibility of our organization to our consumers and society through information and public awareness, and the development of savings culture in rural areas.
Thanks to systematic carrying out training sessions for clients and not - clients of our organization by the team of professional trainers ,we reached coverage of nearly 900 people in 2014, and only in the 1st quarter of 2015 we reached a record indicator - 1006 participants of training sessions in the entire organization.
It should be noted that for more than five years MDO "Arvand" has been actively cooperated with GIZ in various projects and in particular, in conducting training sessions on financial literacy in rural areas. Understanding the importance of supporting business initiatives in the period of financial crisis there has been implemented a joint project "Open Your Business" from January to March 2015 in four districts of Sughd region - Isfara, B. Gafurov, Istaravshan and Jabor Rasulov. The project consisted of free two-level training sessions on business planning, and provided consultations to new entrepreneurs (start-ups), followed by the provision of loans for participants who successfully completed two-level trainings.
In general, the project reached the following results:
-11 skilled trainers of the organization provided 53 training sessions with 916 participants, including 538 men and 378 women.
Participants of our training sessions were young people from age 16 +, women - housewives, farmers, clients and not - clients, the unemployed, etc. who gained necessary knowledge and skills to believe in themself and to open a business and by that to change their life to the best. It is pleasant to note that training sessions allowed us not only to train and help people, to develop their potential, but also to be aware of their life and to collect successful stories of our participants.
Summing up the results of the joint project it is possible to note our accomplishments:
" recognition of the brand of MDO "Arvand" among the population has increased
" the level of financial literacy of participants in rural regions has increased
" knowledge of the population on products and services of the organization has improved
" the level of trust of the population to MFOs has increased
" contacts with new clients have been established and cooperation with the existing clients has been strengthened
Thus, the achieved results of the joint projects and active work of the team of internal trainers of MDO "Arvand" demonstartes that together we will be able to make a big progress in development of microfinance sector in the country.


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