"Mo Hamdardem"

⚠ Dear compatriots

As a part of ongoing initiative of CO "Peshraft" and partners to raise funds for individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bank "Arvand" has today approved a list of 1,200 people who will receive material aid in the near future.

On the eve of the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, you also have an opportunity to help your compatriots and give them a little of your warmth on these difficult days. ?

Donation methods:

1. You can send funds to +992927950001 using the "Arvand" app or payment terminals. For legal entities is possible transfer to Bank "Arvand" account. Account number: 26226972700000000030

2. VISA, Mastercard, American express on the Gofundme platform bit.ly/tjkhelp

3. You can make a donation using Facebook Donations bit.ly/tjkhelpfb

4. If you have a Sberbank app, you can send to this phone number +7 918 631 1272 or to a card 2202 2001 0064 0273 (Nodirjon Nozimovich)

5. You can find Peshraft in the ALif Mobi app or send it to this number 934847700