Action Donoyak. The lucky winners.

Action Donoyak. The lucky winners.

Trough developing a children's savings account " Donoyak " in September last year MDO Arvand announced action. Client, who opens a deposit account, will be given the opportunity to take part in the action and the final stage of the action was scheduled for September 2013.

Board Meeting approved the grand prize for the winners. This is an annual payment of education fee of a client’s child by MDO "Arvand" and other valuable prizes for the participants of the action. Thus, three prizes were allocated to customers and one prize for the employee of the organization.

A year later, the date of the event has been chosen, customers were invited, and preparatory work was done. Since the event was dedicated to the celebration of Independence Day of Tajikistan and the beginning of the new academic year, for the customers there was prepared a special music program. Our children - the children of employees of MDO Arvand are very talented and always happy to serve on the activities of the organization. Thanks to their performances the event became colorful and rich. At the entrance to meet customers there was a person in a cockerel costume who greeted the customers by the hands. He handed out leaflets to customers and danced with the children.

Finally, the winners were announced. Rakhimov Kahor Dzhonboevich from Shahristan and Kamolov Nozimdzhon Nasimovich from Khujand received ipad as a gift. A customer Hasanova Musharraf Kagarovna from Isfara was awarded a certificate for payment of the annual tuition fee of her child, who studies in the United States.

Among the members of the winning ticket was Firuza Kayumova : " For me it is a great and joyful surprise. Although I was hoping to win the grand prize, but still I had some doubt and I could not believe that I would be the winner. I am very happy that I took part in the action, for me, it is a big help from the organization to pay for my daughter's education, who studies at the 3rd course of  Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali Ibn Sina in Dushanbe".

From regions, the very first customers who opened a children's savings account "Donoyak " also received gifts from the organization. Masudahon Umarova from Khujand also received a gift for the maximum amount of contributions on the product "Donoyak". For the school season, and on the birthday of her daughter, our gift - a school desk was a great gift!

Other depositors also received a consolation prize, each was presented with a piggy bank in order their children learn how to save money, first at home and then on the deposit.

Manager on deposits Shakhnoza Babadjanova in her speech told the clients about the benefits of saving funds and other sources, which they can use since one of the goals of the organization in this field is the promotion of a culture of savings among the population.

The participants of the TV project "Komyobi " were also invited to the event, which provided an opportunity to get acquainted with deposit products , as a source of accumulation of funds in the future. Umed Muydinov, member of the project in an interview with journalist  of TRC " Asia" said:

“I really enjoyed the event. If until now I have learned a lot of useful information about loans, today and due to the latest training, which was organized for the participants of the project " Komyobi " I now know about deposits. I congratulate those who won in this action and I hope in the future I will take part in such actions of Arvand. But most of all, I liked the fact that the action was every ticket win and the customer can get own money back or continue to increase deposit account by accumulating funds for education of their children.