The 10th of April 2012 was a historical date for LLC MDO “Arvand” as it was a significant event which has left the pleasant memories and positive comments of invited guests.

On this day, the organization celebrated its 10th anniversary and the inauguration of the new building. The representatives of Sughd region and Khujand Government, the guests from the National Bank of Tajikistan, local banks, microfinance institutions, investors, foreign and local partners, and the most loyal customers came to congratulate the Employees of LLC MDO "Arvand". Among the invitees there was Jillan Richardson Rohrshayb - the first head of LLC MDO "Arvand", founder of the organization. Having congratulated staff with the jubilee, she was pleasantly surprised by the achievements of Arvand, emphasizing in her speech about the beginning of the organization activity with an office in Khujand, a staff of six employees and a small number of customers. Jillan noted that Arvand can be proud of its work and wished prosperity and success.

The event consisted of several stages:

Clients Fair of LLC MDO "Arvand" - producers of national products. Visitors of the Fair had the opportunity to communicate with customers of the organization and see their products, take part in its manufacture or buy it and try the national dish, marking the arrival of spring-Sumanak. Guests from foreign countries, thanks for the Fair, had got acquainted with the national culture of the Tajik people.

The opening ceremony of the new building of the organization. The opening ceremony was held by Deputy of chairperson of the Sugd region Norinov Jamshed Nurmuhammadovich and the General director of LLC MDO “Arvand” Sadykova Shoira Muzaffarovna. During the visit of the building, the honor guests were shown the operational process of the organization, as well as one of the practices of customer service, new technology using of the terminal in example of repayment of a client. At the conclusion an example of conventional method of client’s repayment was performed to the guests.

Official- entertaining part. At the Official- entertaining part of the event the honorable guests of the organization made a speech with a congratulatory addresses. They are representatives of local and foreign partners of LLC MDO "Arvand". To create a good mood there were included concert performances, chosen in a national style to the program of event. Invited loyal customers have been awarded by certificates and gifts from the organization, which emphasized the importance of the partnership of LLC MDO "Arvand" with its customers. The staff of Arvand was also given attention in honor of the 10th anniversary. The best of the bests according to the 10 different nominations were presented the Net-books by the organization. Top management of the organization and the branch managers have been awarded with valuable gifts by the members of the Board of Directors of LLC MDO "Arvand". Gifts were presented by Chairperson of the Board of Directors Khusanov Ulugbek Bahtiyorovich. The official part of the event ended with LLC MDO "Arvand" hymn sung by a soloist Ikrom Islomi.

Party. Cocktail reception in the restaurant complex "Sadbarg" concluded the event, where all the guests were invited to. There, the guests were offered a presentation film "Arvand - means strong." The film consisted of two parts:the first brought to light the10-year history of the organization, and the second consisted of an excursus on the new building. And what a birthday without a cake? A birthday cake with the inscription "Arvand - 10 years of success" was brought into the hall under the solemn music and all raised their glasses of champagne with a wish to continue the success of more than a dozen years!