The victory in the hands of «Arvand»

The victory in the hands of «Arvand»

Support of sports has become a tradition for LLC MDO Arvand. The organization has been supporting such kinds of sports such as arm wrestling, judo, rowing and canoeing, women's volleyball, carting and football for many times. MDO Arvand also sponsors sporting events and championships. So, this time MDO Arvand supported a youth football team "Arvand".

It is gratifying that the boys from this football team decided to name their team after the organization. These are strong, smart and determined boys aged 12 and 13, participated in a regional competition on football among adolescents, which took place on January 10- 20th and they reached the final. In the final game "Arvand" team showed better results. While competing with the team "RAVZANA", "Arvand" team has won the competition with the score 3-2 and took the first place.

"The boys are very happy about their victory and determined to participate in the next competition in football. The next competition was called "Boychechak", in honor of the first spring flower marking the arrival of spring. The competition is planned to be held in February this year, "- said Zafar Khotamov - the coach of the "Arvand "team.

MDO "Arvand" received a thank you letter from the Department on Youth, Sports and Tourism of Khujand for the support of sports development.

We wish the football team “Arvand” not to stop by the achieved result and to continue carrying the champion’s title with honor, and always be the first. We believe and hope that the name chosen for the team will bring them a lot of victories and great success, because “Arvand” means "strong" and "powerful".

Information: LLC MDO "Arvand" - microcredit deposit-taking organization that has provided financial services to the population of the Republic of Tajikistan since 2002. Today "Arvand" has the ability to provide services such as loans, deposits, money transfers and currency exchange services. Along with financial services "Arvand" also provides technical services, such as specialist advice and trainings. For 10 years "Arvand" has occupied a leading position in the microfinance market of Tajikistan and has fulfilled its mission.

Mission of LLC MDO "Arvand": "Improving the living standards of the population, creating new opportunities for socio-economic development by providing high-quality financial and technical services to the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan."

Author: A.Okhunova - PR & Marketing Manager of the LLC MDO "Arvand"