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PRESS RELEASE - The victory in the hands of "Arvand"

Поддержка спорта для ООО МДО Арванд стала традици-ей. Неоднократно мы поддерживали и поддерживаемтакие виды спорта как армрестлинг, дзюдо, гребля байдарках и каноэ, женский волейбол, картинг и футбол. Спонсируем спортивные соревнования и Чемпионаты.


Press - Release

The 10th of April 2012 was a historical date for LLC MDO “Arvand” as it was a significant event which has left the pleasant memories and positive comments of invited guests. On this day, the organization celebrated its 10th anniversary and the inauguration of the new building. The representatives of Sughd region and Khujand Government, the guests from the National Bank of Tajikistan, local banks, microfinance institutions, investors, foreign and local partners, and the most loyal customers came to congratulate the Employees of LLC MDO "Arvand". Among the invitees there was Jillan Richardson Rohrshayb - the first head of LLC MDO "Arvand", founder of the organization. Having congratulated staff with the jubilee, she was pleasantly surprised by the achievements of Arvand, emphasizing in her speech about the beginning of the organization activity with an office in Khujand, a staff of six employees and a small number of customers. Jillan noted that Arvand can be proud of its work and wished prosperity and success. The event consisted of several stages:


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