Social diagnostic

Social diagnostic – means a process of social object research by means of identification and studying the cause and effect relations characterizing its condition and development tendency. The purpose of diagnostic is in thorough insight of concrete social problems, appropriated to the object and their description in the indicators system. Social diagnostic, like method not only of individual but complex saving of social knowledge entered into the survey practice at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Social Diagnosis consists of three main steps:

  • first - familiarity with the subject, task, the selection of diagnosed cases, the parameters of the situation, the choice of parameters of methods;
  • second - measurement and analysis of performance;
  • the third - the construction of the conclusions, conclusions on the diagnosis.

LLC MDO "Arvand" having passed the first and second stages of social diagnosis, is in the third stage, waiting for the conclusion of diagnosis.

 LLC MDO "Arvand" with financial support of «Triple Jump» for the social diagnosis of the organization invited the representatives of "Microfinanza rating " Hering Dinara, Micol Guarneri, Peskatri Chiara, as well as the representative of «Triple Jump» Vardania Lida.

The above-mentioned persons assessed the social impact of the organization, based on the following areas:

• social responsibility to the client

• social responsibility to employees

• social responsibility to the environment

• social responsibility to society

Taking into account these trends, the representatives of social diagnosis carried out structured interviews with employees and customers of the organization.


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