The stuff of MDO "Arvand" congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War!

71 years have gone since the day of Victory in Great Patriotic War. The Victory is the glory and pride of the entire Soviet people.

Traditionally on the eve of 9th of May the stuff of LLC MDO “Arvand” visited the veterans, congratulated them and presented packages of food essentials. The representatives of organizations were warmly met by the veterans and their close relatives, they shared with their memories of the war, gave farewell to future generations.

“Such meetings are invaluable. Every year we lose more and more veterans, but only they can tell the young generation the truth about the war and about what price was given for the Victory", - shared with us director of the branch of MDO" Arvand" in Dushanbe – Rozikov R..

“It is one of the most important holiday in our country and we are honored to congratulate the veterans, to say them the words of gratitude each of them. Communication with the “winners generation’ forms in young employees a sense of patriotism and involvement in their country's history”,- says director of the branch of MDO “Arvand” in Isfara – Jalilova F..

“Every year we provide charitable help to the veterans of Great Patriotic War. It is an important and correct tradition of our organization. The atmosphere of elation and unity that prevails on the eve of Victory Day is not less important, because this holiday has become the symbol of time’s connection and continuity of generations. MDO “Arvand” plans to continue to support and develop this important social tradition", - said director of business development MDO" Arvand "- Ikromi Sh..

The heroism of those who defended our country in the battles will never be forgotten!


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