MDO "Arvand" conducted a large-scale PR-campaign On the Day of State Flag

On November 24th residents of the Republic of Tajikistan celebrated the National Flag Day. The flag of Tajikistan is one of the main symbols of independence, sovereignty and unity of the people, which is a reflection of happiness, unity, dignity and patriotism.


On the day of the festival the team of MDO "Arvand" went to the streets of cities and regions, to congratulate the residents on the Day of the State Flag. The staff gave passers-by the flag of the Republic of Tajikistan, wished them all that the meaning of each color of the flag symbolizes: freedom and independence, bright future, peace and stability and prosperity to our country.

In addition to the congratulations, the staff informed residents about the financial services and current campaigns of the MDO "Arvand". In turn, citizens gave lots of positive feedback, congratulations and wishes to the staff.

It should be noted that the flag of Tajikistan was recorded in the "Guinness Book of records". September 9th, 2011 in Dushanbe at the public ceremony devoted to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Tajikistan, the national flag was raised on the highest flagpole with a height of 165 meters. The flag has dimensions of 60 meters by 30 meters and weighs about 250kg.


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