Your message is a gift for us!

The feedback system as a tool to improve the quality of service functions in the organization for more than 3 years; by using it we get the message from both the external and the internal client. By receiving these messages, we get the gift that helps us to grow and prosper. But it is not enough to get the message, it is necessary to promptly respond to them and to bring a solution to the client. Sometimes the problem is that in the cycle of our daily life, we do not notice or even can just skip them. The feedback system helps us in a timely manner to pay attention to the problem and fix it, thus taking another step forward.

The message from the client can be called news valuable in improving the quality of service, and therefore we have created a CAB or Client Advisory Board, which is part of the FS tools.

The first meeting was held CAB on October 3 at the head office of Arvand. Candidates of CAB, previously selected to the board attended the meeting. During the meeting they addressed a number of issues. Members of the Advisory Board of clients were aware of their rights and responsibilities, selected a Chairman of CAB, as well as the client rights developed according to 7 client protection principles. For that purpose a presentation was prepared that allowed members of CAB understand the core of customer advisory board(CAB) .

After the presentation, members of the CAB selected the Chairman of the Board and the executive secretary. Members of the CAB as representatives of the company's clients from different regions gave their advice to improve the quality of service. At the end of the meeting, all members of the CAB received gifts and for them was organized a coffee break .


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