Fashion – reflection of the world of beauty ….

The world of fashion always attracts with beauty, harmony and glamour. Presently, where we wouldn't be, the fashion always remains part of our life and is undoubted, all women and even men regardless of age seek to put on fashionably and stylishly. And names of those who create fashion and gain recognition of broad masses, become a brand and a standard of haute couture.

As you have already guessed dear readers, this article will be about fashion, to be exact about the young outstanding personality – Zamira Ermatova.  Zamira Ermatova   is the young fashion designer and the entrepreneur who achieved amazing progress, despite the young age.

 The meeting with her was organized by employees of MDO "Arvand" within the sixth site-visit for participants of the social project "Economic Advance of Women from Needy and Vulnerable Families" realized from NGO  "Nasli nav" with financial support of MDO "Arvand" which took place on October 16, 2014 and we visited her workshop .The sewing shop located at the Center of women's beauty "Sugdiyon" next  to  "Kokhi Rudaki".

  Zamira is the person interesting in everything, extraordinary, our pride and a bright star in a sky of the world of fashion in our country, and her works admire looks and reflect beauty of her inner world, that girls, having hardly crossed a threshold of her workshop, rushed to consider her works.

During the site visit, Zamira told, how since the childhood I was fond of sewing and gradually developed the skill. Having seen a beautiful dress on a show-window of shop - she admired it, but always set the purpose not to buy and to sew the same dress, but the best breed and a style. Also she shared that she was always inspired by works of great couturiers, such as Coco Chanel, Armani, Dior, etc. emphasized that the fashion is an art of beauty and quoted the statement well-known - Coco Chanel: "At fashion are two purposes: convenience and love. And the beauty arises when the fashion achieves these objectives".


It should be noted that she, as the young businesswoman opened the business, getting a loan from bank, and her  shop is equipped with the necessary sewing equipment, and photos of her best works decorate workshop walls. Showing the works and photos of displays, she noted achievements:

The winner of the competition "Malikai Sol-2006" and "Sokhibjamoli Sugd-2006"

  The winner of competitions   "Atlasi Tojik"  (2005, 2008.)

   The owner of Grand Prix in the regional competition "Atlasi Tojik" (2010)

   The winner of the Republican Competition of young designers in  2012.

Indeed, at the contest her talent was properly appreciated and as to the young and promising designer of clothes awarded the grand prize - a trip to Italy, an exciting land of her dreams.

Participants of the project learned many interesting things from Zamira and asked her questions. In particular, the question of how she invents styles of dresses for her shows, she said that in general, when listens to good music or a song, or after watching the spectacular eastern movies, the images appear themselves and then she paints them on paper. Basically, to create the collection, she works tirelessly and creates more than 30 models of clothes for display. She also creates a variety of accessories, jewelry and hats for each costume. But at the same time, she has many clients for whom she sews on the individual order.

At the end of the site-visit Zamira advised to participants, if they really want to become successful in life, never stop on reached, and move on. According to her: " Who works severely, has a clear goal, and patience- always reach the goal"

Undoubtedly site-visit to Zamira Ermatova left an unforgettable impression on our project participants and in turn we heartily grateful for accepting and good conversation and sincerely wish the great achievements of heights in the world of fashion!

Information was provided by Social Performance Management Specialist - Mirpochoeva N.


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