That's what our STORK can do

Stork – is a symbol of our organization. There are rumors that this bird, symbolizing the good and well-being is also the cause of the family expansion of staff. And as it turned out, not only ...

I recall that one of the clients of Isfara branch in 2009 was born quadruplet. The staff congratulated the happy father and mother, waiting for children at home for years.

And here, again our stork visited a client, but in the sub-office of Istaravshan branch Zafarabad

Client Mirzoyev Alimardon Tojiboevich received our consumer loan for their wedding, and after certain period of time in their family had three beautiful little girl - triplets: Fotima, Zuhro and Oysha.

Employees of Istaravshan branch visited family of this client who became a happy father and congratulated the young family with three-time completion.

That's what our STORK can do!


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