Darts championship completed

On Saturday, October 6, the darts championship among employees of MDO "Arvand" has ended. As the participants of the championship noted, thanks to the championship all spectators and fans have got a lot of pleasure. Only 32 out of more than 400 participants have entered the group stage.

Despite the fact that it was a day off, all the participants have gathered in full strength, the participants have arrived even from the Dushanbe and Penjikent offices despite the long distance. The players were in excellent spirits and were determined to win.

The championship consisted of a qualifying, group stage and final game.

In asingle player among men have won three participants:

The first place - Hofizov Jurabek (J. Rasulov Branch)

The second place - Jovidoni Davlatzoda (Dushanbe Branch)

The third place - Abdujabborov Abdugaffur (Khujand Branch)


In the doubles game among men became the winners:

The first place -  Djovidoni D. and Homidov M. (Dushanbe Branch)

The second place - Esanov H. and Homidov M (Penjikent Branch)

The third place - Hofizov J. and Kholov A. (Spitamen Branch)


In a single game among women became winners:

The first place - Isoboeva Muhayo  (Khujand Branch)

The second place - Ataeva Dilrabo (Dushanbe Branch)

The third place - Ganiyeva Sarvinoz (Head Office)


In the doubles game among women became winners:

The first place - Maksudova T. and Khusainova S. (Head office)

The second place - Isoboeva M. and Jaborova M. (Khujand Branch)

The third place - Shodiev M and Kholova M. (Penjikent Branch)


LLC MDO "ARVAND" thanks all employees for their participation and congratulates all the winners!

 Wishes them further victories and successes!


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