The project is implemented with assistance of Executive bodies of the government of Spitamen and J. Rasulov regions and also the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Khujand

Completion of the 1st round of the intellectual - youth PR-project "Komyobi!".

The first round of the intellectual - youth PR-project "Komyobi!" has come to the end with a victory of nine teams. Games took place between students of 10-11 classes of J. Rasulov and Spitamen regions. Each team consisted of three participants. Games have been divided into several rounds.

During the first round school students answered questions on the general history, the history of Tajikistan, geography, physics, chemistry, Russian language, literature, mathematics, and also found answers to logical questions.

The second round - is a well-known game "4 pictures 1 word", with which a lot of guys coped on "excellent".

Only captains of teams participated in the third round. It was necessary to write them from one long word as much as possible of other words. It should be noted that not all captains have mastered this round.

In the fourth final round the players have guessed the known and familiar to all of the players, individuals on certain parts of the face: the eyes, nose or mouth.

Some guys having guessed the person sang their famous songs or showed the characteristic movements to them: walking, the technique of particular style of martial arts and so on that has caused delight and mass of impressions in the audience.

From employees of LLC MDO "Arvand" has been noted ability of high school students to work in team that is important for younger generation. In addition, the revealed high standard of knowledge of current students who almost on all questions have given the developed answers has pleasantly surprised by the organizers of the project.

Thus, following the results of the held games in the second round there pass the following commands:



School Number




Team name



Secondary school № 9


J. Rasulov





Secondary school № 17


J. Rasulov





Secondary school № 16


J. Rasulov





Secondary school № 1


J. Rasulov





Secondary school № 2


J. Rasulov





Gymnasium № 1


J. Rasulov





Secondary school № 22




"Indigo children"



Secondary school № 5


J. Rasulov





Secondary school № 3






Participants and heads of schools have expressed gratitude for the games which have become interesting and very fascinating. They are experienced with guys and support them throughout all rounds.

"Komyobi!" - this is a great event for school students of J. Rasulov and Spitamen regions. We congratulate team with the victory and wish them good luck in the further stages!